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Below are major changes between 1st June 2023 and 4th July 2023:-
Reconfigured Page Headings
Added Strolll Technology to “Relevant Info” Page
Added pictures of the Clubbing Together Fundraising event to Events / Activities – Past Events page
Reformatted the events calendar and key on Events / Activities page
7th August – added Join Our Branch page & fixed Contact form
8th August – added PPU6 ticket request form to that page, added a ‘register your interest’ in walking football form to that page, changed the Fundraising / Donation headline page to only that purpose
4th October – added Parkinson’s Podcasts & Useful Links, updated events calendar, removed PPU6 ticket booking form
20th November – added Nordic Walking page & registration form + Walking Football page & registration form
5th Feb-24 – added all risk assessments and SLA’s to Committee Files page
9th Feb-24 – added more information for Newly Diagnosed