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Resource Information

Hello, I’m Angie, a Branch Committee Volunteer.

Send me an email if you need anything from the list of resource information below that we have and I will arrange to send it to you.


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These publications are produced by P-UK and available from them directly. This is the stock that we physically hold at the Branch.

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Fatigue and Parkinson’s
Diagnosing Parkinson’s
Help with council tax
General information about benefits
Talking to your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse about Parkinson’s
Monitoring your Parkinson’s
Types of Parkinsonism
Mild memory and thinking problems in Parkinson’s
Mouth and dental issues in Parkinson’s
Restless legs syndrome and Parkinson’s
Muscle cramps and dystonia
Personal independence payment
Pain in Parkinson’s
Depression and Parkinson’s
Living alone with Parkinson’s
Tremor and Parkinson’s
Housing benefit
Anxiety and Parkinson’s
Attendance allowance
Impulsive and compulsive behaviours in Parkinson’s
Eating, swallowing and saliva control in Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s dementia
Hallucinations and delusions in Parkinson’s
Help with getting around
Freezing in Parkinson’s
Skin and sweating in Parkinson’s
Speech and language therapy in Parkinson’s
Low blood pressure and Parkinson’s
Falls and Parkinson’s
Eyes and Parkinson’s
Talking to children about Parkinson’s
Foot care and Parkinson’s
Carer’s allowance
Occupational therapy and Parkinson’s
Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s
Speech and communication problems in Parkinson’s
The carer’s guide
Sleep and night time problems in Parkinson’s
Relationships, sex and Parkinson’s
Diet and Parkinson’s
Daily living equipment for people with Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s and you – a guide for people new to the condition
Preparing for end of life
Driving and Parkinson’s
Looking after your bladder and bowels when you have Parkinson’s
Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s
Going into hospital when you have Parkinson’s
Thinking about advanced Parkinson’s
Drug treatments for Parkinson’s
Newly diagnosed? Your guide to our information resources
Exercise and Parkinson’s
A quick introduction to Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s UK information and support